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Create. Code. Conquer.

Expertly crafted digital solutions that reinforce your brand and effectively convert prospects into customers.

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Three Little Birds.


Three Little Birds or TLB for short, stems from the lyrics of the late and great Bob Marley and his Wailers, from the song of the same name. ‘Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright’. And this is our message to you (ou ou).

Life is difficult enough to have to worry about your design, your website or your app build. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Let TLB give you the knowledge and insight to help you create, code and conquer.

TLB are a flock of consummate professionals, with literally DECADES of experience under our wings. We’ve learnt from the 'what not to do's'  and the 'well, that went wrong's'  to offer you a stress free, calm and collected experience, allowing you to enjoy the journey.

We’re a team of Yorkshire born, shell-suit wearing, retro-centric, cult classic, Brit pop - indie rock appreciators, who strive to deliver the perfect solution for you and your aspirations, choose what they may be. Why not put us to the test and see if the TLB can help your goals take flight.

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Why don't you listen to some aviary inspired music, hand-picked by the TLB team while you find out more about us.

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Create. Code. Conquer.

How we work

At TLB we like to make things simple for you, we filter out as much noise as we can and help you and your journey be as clear and concise as possible, ensuring a succesful partnership for all.

Each project with TLB starts with a consultation in one form or another, followed by a briefing form, giving you as much opportunity to get the ideas out of your head and into ours. It might be that you already have a clear idea of your objectives, if that's the case, feel free to fill in our form below.

If you're the kind of client that prefers a face-to-face and a steaming pot of Yorkshire TLB, then our doors are always open to you. Sometimes the best ideas are achieved around our meeting table when the kettle is on, the phone is off and the biscuits are all inclusive.

Our knowledge has grown over the years. From the days of designing in Macromedia Freehand and Quark Express, to building websites in tables that work on 28k dial-up, we've learnt a lot. And whilst we don't actually know what was in Marcellus Wallaces briefcase, we always try to use best practice, the latest design trends and modern technologies to deliver greatness.

Rest assured that with TLB, you are never tied in. All our initial consultancy sessions are non-committal. We need to be sure that we're confident we can deliver your project, and you need to be absolutely certain that we're the right team for you.

With our 'pull-no-punches' approach, it may very well be that the project isn't a good fit, or the timescales and budgets simply can't work. It may also be that the smell of Gav's aftershave makes you feel queezy. Or it might just be that we disagree that Street Fighter II is the best game ever made, either way you will have clarity, suggestions and be one step closer to realising the ins and outs of your project and what is involved for a succesful delivery.

Where we feel we surpass expectations is the value we bring to each situation. We've seen the problems that digital projects can present and we've experienced the misunderstandings between expectation and achievability.

But know this, we do not stop until you have answers and hopefully a plan that comes together.


Shakin' OurTailfeathers

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Don't Worry. About a Thing.

The TLB office

This is our message to you (ou ou).

Home of The Three Little Birds

Our nest is a carefully designed intimate studio, set within the purpose built Digital Media Centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

With bags of break-out space and coffee on tap, it's the perfect surrounding to meet, greet and defeat any web and design challenges that might be holding you back.

Call in for a brew?

Growth throughPartnerships

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MeetThe TLB

Scott Jackson - Operations Director
Scott Jackson - Operations Director
Operational Owl

Dart throwing, ale drinking, music loving, Basset owner.

Scott wears 2 hats, both as our Operations Director and Front-end Developer. A detail driven developer with over 2 decades of experience.

Scott Jackson - Operations Director
Carl Wilson - Technical Director
Coding Eagle

Bike riding, dog walking, lie-in loving, gaming geek.

Carl, or Curly as he is more affectionately known, is our Technical Director. Responsible for leading bespoke technologies and sexy software builds.

Gav Winder - Creative Director
Gav Winder - Creative Director
Social Seagull

Squash playing, twin dadding, retro loving, trainer freak.

Creative Director and Commercial Commodore, Gav heads up the creative side of TLB as chief colourer inner and digital dealer.


Whether you want to run a project idea by us, get a quote or just pop in for a brew, fill out the form below and we will chirp back at ya.